Tailor made solutions allowing our clients to grasp significant savings, getting stable and predictable future energy costs, below market cost evolution, ensuring their independence from market price variability, reducing CO2 emissions.


  • Off balance sheet investment ensured by GWE;
  • Independence from the variations of electricity prices:
  • Fixed tariff and actualization (1,5% annual increase) ensuring stable, predictable energy costs, well bellow market energy cost evolution (5,1% over the last 13 years in Portugal | Pordata);
  • Over 50% average savings delivered to our clients.


  • Full project management and delivering solutions from tier 1 manufacturers;
  • O&M and MV&A included throughout the contract lifetime;
  • Multi risk insurance and equipment’s warranty (throughout and after the contract lifetime).


  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Compliance with carbon reduction plans (SGCIE / ADENE);
  • Green image;
  • Environmental and social responsibility.